The Introvert Manifesto

Living Weird in a Normal World

Years ago I took the Meyers-Briggs personality test. To no one's surprise, I was at about 95% on the introvert side. More recently I learned that introverts make up about a quarter of the population. This surprised me; I always figured the world was about half and half intros and extros, didn't you? But I also found this little factoid to be a powerful revelation. Suddenly my whole life made sense. No wonder I felt like I'd been stumbling through the game without knowing the rules. The majority of the human race does not interact the way I do. Quite naturally, the majority has instituted a system of social interaction that must be understood intuitively, but is completely foreign to the 25% of us who recharge our batteries in solitude.

The Introvert Manifesto is my way of sharing this revelation. Hopefully it will help introverts and extroverts understand each other. It's also my first attempt at an indie-auto-bio-type comic, although it's only loosely autobiographical. Any resemblance to actual persons is resemblance only, not strict representation.

My general inclination with the strip is to leave gaps for the reader to fill in, rather than offer much explanation. So if it seems weird, that's why. However I'm not above spoiling the effect with some self-indulgent commentary or answering of questions.